Project Sites & Management Zones

Map of Management Zones and associated sites

The project aims to improve ecological coherence across the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) area, by developing and using an ecological coherence protocol to identify where the best sites are to carry out work to maximise benefits for biodiversity and ecosystem services.

EcoCo project sites include raised bogs, intertidal wetlands, industrial brownfield sites, river floodplains and freshwater wetlands. The sites are spread across the twelve "Management Zones" as indicated in the map above.

Learn more on Management zones and their associated sites here.

The project sites are listed below by Management Zone. Those identified at the project outset have a "factsheet", those identified during the project have a "New Site Assessment".  The lead organisation for each site is in brackets by each site name.  Links to additional information is included. (All links open in a new window!);

Management Zones (click on the links or scroll down)

Flanders Mosses, Inner Forth, Glazert Catchment, Falkirk Stepping Stones, Slamannan Plateau, Blawhorn Moss, Whitesands Quarry, Tyne Catchment, Garnock Valley, Baronshaugh, Carnwath Cluster, East Ayrshire Coalfields


Flanders Mosses

Flanders Moss Factsheet (SNH) Weblinks; Flipping stumpsFlipping results, 4 Sedges & a SundewMachines on the Moss, Taking bogs to the people Presentation; Joining up bog at Flanders Moss

Inner Forth                      

Black Devon Wetlands Factsheet, (RSPB) Weblinks; Restoring Black Devon WetlandsFloating island, What a year it has been,  Further information

Kinneil Lagoons Factsheet (RSPB), Weblinks; Boost the roost

Cambus Pools Factsheet (Scottish Wildlife Trust), WeblinksCambus Pools ReserveRestoring Cambus Pools, Innovative rush cutting

Wester Moss Factsheet (Butterfly Conservation) Weblinks; Wester Moss Reserve, Wetter Moss

Wildlife connections (Buglife) Weblinks; Glorious green roofs, Restoring bings for wildlifeBings for wildlifeGlorious green roofs, Carrongrange School green roof, Bridgeness biodiversity

Wildlife connections (RSPB) Weblinks; Conserving & restoring wildlife connections

Skinflats new sites assesment (RSPB), Presentation, Skinflats managed realignment, Weblinks, Skinflats managed realignmentRealignment gets underway, It's getting muddy out there, We're getting there, We did it!

Glazert Catchment

Glazert Water Factsheet (SEPA), Weblinks; WEF case study, Presentations; Restoring connectivity Glazert and Tyne catchments, Joining up nature in the Glazert

Falkirk Stepping Stones

Carron Dams new sites assessment (Buglife, Scottish Wildlife Trust)  Weblinks; Carron Dams Reserve

Avonglen Quarry new site assessment (Buglife)

Bonnyfield new site assessment (Buglife)

Roughcastle new site assessment (Buglife)

Slamannan Plateau

Slamannan Plateau Factsheet (Buglife) Weblinks; Slamannan bog restoration, Repair work begins, Giving a dam, Ancient originsFinal phase, Presentation; Slamannan Peatland Restoration

Blawhorn Moss

Blawhorn Moss Factsheet (SNH), Weblink, What a differnce 25 years can make

Whitesands Quarry

Whitesands Quarry Factsheet (RSPB) Presentation; Whitesands Quarry restoration

Tyne Catchment

Knowes Weir new site assessment (SEPA), Weblinks; WEF case study, Presentation; Restoring Connectivity Glazert and Tyne Catchments

Garnock Valley

Lochwinnoch Factsheet (RSPB) Weblinks; New nesting rafts installed

Garnock Floods new site assessment (Scottish Wildlife Trust), Weblink; Garnock Floods Reserve Presentation; Garnock Floodplain Reconnection


Baronshaugh Factsheet (RSPB), Presentation; Cemetery Marsh Wetland

Carnwath Cluster      

Carnwath Cluster new sites assessment (Butterfly Conservation), Weblinks;  Lanarkshire's Large Heaths and Mosses, Newsletter p4, Presentation; Lanarkshire's Large Heaths and Mosses

East Ayrshire Coalfields

Airds Moss Factsheet East Ayrshire Coalfield Environment Initiative (EACEI), Weblinks; Restoration site, A Brief historySoftrack rush cutting

Common Farm new site assessment (EACEI), Weblinks; Restoration site

Dalmellington Moss new site assessment (EACEI) WeblinksRestoration site, Leaky peat collaboration,

Low Moss new site assessment (EACEI), Weblinks; Restoration site, World water daySoggy bog breeding birds,

Tappethill Moss (EACEI), Weblinks; Restoration site, Restoration 1st phase complete

Sheil Farm (EACEI)  Restoration site 

Presentation; Peatland restoration in East Ayrshire