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Things are swinging in central Scotland!

What has shopping and trapezes got in common?  They’re all part of an inspirational and exciting theatre show hitting shopping centres in the Central Belt soon.

Circus whilst you’re shopping?   That’s right - Rowanbank theatre company has teamed up with the EcoCoLIFE project to create a wonderful aeronautical show to delight and inspire audiences, both young and old – using trapezes, music, stilt walking, puppets, hula hooping and acrobatics - to tell a magical story of how we’re all connected to nature, even in the most unlikely places.

Over several weekends in April, May and June, this theatrical feast will be performing at shopping centres and malls across the Central Belt.  It’s an inspirational free show for children and their families to experience the magic of nature, in an imaginative, entertaining and mesmerising way.

Come along and see who’s hanging out at a mall near you!

You can follow the show’s progress as it develops in rehearsal, and check out the show’s locations and dates too here 

You can also see some of the swingin’ things Rowanbank theatre get up to as well