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Some key presentations given by the project (each presentation title is preceded by the date given in the format YYMMDD)

180712 CIEEM Summer Conference - Paul Sizeland SNH (A2676562)

... given to the CIEEM summer conference 2018 "Fit for the future - building a resilient protected areas network"; gives an introduction to the project, the ecological coherence protocol, includes some case studies and indicates how the project contributes to SNH's review of protected areas. Learn more here

171012 Central Scotland Green Network Habitat Network Project - Paul Sizeland SNH(A2429620)

... gives an indication of how the project's mapping outputs might serve to assist with quantifying the potential for the habitat network opportunity within the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) area.  The habitats are as determined under the priorities set by the CSGN strategic targets to 2025. For more information about the CSGN delivery plan learn more here

170609 - EcoCoLife risk management Life Platform meet Cambridge - Kerry Wallace SNH (A2308575)

... gives a brief overview of the project and explains EcoCoLife's approach to managing risks.

170525 Carnwath Cluster launch Lanarkshire's Large Heaths and Mosses - Restoring Precious Peatlands - David Hill Butterfly Conservation (A2311352)

... developed by Butterfly Conservation Scotland, this presentation provides an overview of a new cluster of peatland sites identified through the Ecological Coherence Protocol during the lifetime of the project for management and improvement works.

170511 - EcoCoLife - EULife Platform meet Tallinn Estonia - Paul Sizeland SNH (A2298022)

... gives a brief overview of the project and focuses on how the project has identified and assessed ecosystem services being delivered through the project and how this approach has implications for planning policy. The full range of presentations and conference proceedings from the Tallinn meeting can be seen here

170509 EcoCo a practitioners perpective ialeUK Student workshop Edinburgh - Paul Sizeland SNH (A2298018)

... gives a complete overview of the project with examples of how the project has used habitat, ecosystem services and opportunity mapping to determine where the best places for people and wildlife are best targeted across the CSGN area. It also includes a brief appraisal of how well the appoach followed by the proejct has worked.

170404_05 Brighton River Restoration Conference - Glazert Catchment - Roberto Martinez SEPA - Clare Rogers Royal Haskoning DHV (A2267893)

... provides an overview of the SEPA managed Glazert catchment project component in East Dunbartonshire focusing on the main opportunities for river restoration under Water Framework Directive (WFD) drivers. 

161215 Ecosystem Services in EcoCo MAES workshop Brussels - Alistair Whyte SNH (A1823350)

... gives a brief introduction to the project and explains how EcoCoLife assesses ecosystem services to inform a European workshop held by the Mapping & Assessment of Ecosystem Services (MAES)  initiative of the Biodiversity Information System for Europe (BISE).

1605 Peatland restoration in the East Ayrshire Coalfields ERASMUS - Hedmark Norway Daisy Whytock EACEI (A2249325)

... by the East Ayrshire Coalfields Environment Initiative gives an introduction to their work as funded by Life and others given to a gathering of the Erasmus European education forum.