Braehead Moss's

Braehead Moss's new boardwalk was officially opened recently to great local acclaim by MSP and Large Heath butterfly Species Champion, Aileen Campbell.  Check out the video of the event here - it's #BogTastic !!

Bog Tastic Braehead Moss

A BogTastic day was held at Braehead Moss recently when the new boardwalk was officially opened by MSP and Large Heath butterfly species champion Aileen Campbell! 

Despite the cold and wet, a large crowd of local people and volunteers proudly tramped the boards, and shared their enthusiasm for the many splendours of their local nature site.

People at Wester Moss

Over the last few years, one of #EcoCoLIFE's prime peatland sites has been drying out.  This video shows what our partners Butterfly Conservation Scotland has been doing to restore Wester Moss near Stirling, and create the benefits for nature and people.

Somebody swinging on a tree

What has shopping and trapezes got in common?  They’re all part of an inspirational and exciting theatre show hitting shopping centres in the Central Belt soon.

YouTube screenshot

EcoCoLIFE now has its own YouTube channel - which can be found here:

Clearing Birch, Wester Moss by David Palmar www.photoscot.co_.uk_

It’s said that when elk walked on the Slamannan plateau peatland they could stroll all the way to Denmark.  The elk may now have gone, though you’re likely to spot a relatively new species on the Central Belt’s bogs today – the practical conservation volunteer.

One of Flanders Moss's 'leaky dams'

Much of the EcoCoLIFE project's remit is innovation, and some of the bog and peatland management work is now reaching fruition.

Close up of a Orchid cropped

EcoCoLIFE is looking to hire a creative people to create a site-specific theatrical production in unusual and unexpected places! We want to produce an eco-theatrical experience anywhere there are people - such as car-parks, shopping centres and work places – and make them go 'wow!

people sitting on a machine (Softrack cut and collect machine)

The recent purchase of the EcoCo Softrak is now operational following the training of eight of the project partners earlier in December. It has been purchased to satisfy the demand by the project partners to manage unwanted vegetative growth on sensitive nature conservation sites.

A front page - Joining up nature in practice

Over eighty participants attended the recent Sharing Good Practice event co-organised by the EcoCo project and SNH SGP teams. The event explored options for improved ecological coherence and landscape scale approaches to habitat management and hosted keynote speakers Brian McDonald from Natural England, Jonathan Porter from ialeUK and Paul Sizeland from EcoCo.