SWT Garnock Floods after sluices installed

The EcoCoLife Final Report is available to download here.

this is what its all based on ...

The Summary document giving a concise, pictorial and stats-based overview of the EcoCoLife project achievements over the four and half years of its implementation is now available. Learn more here

People at a circus theatre show

IMAGINARY FORESTS - EcoCoLIFE's innovative 'Circus Whilst You Shop' theatre shows have been amazing...

Socio-Economic Impacts Assessment - final report

EcoCoLIFE's socio-economic impact assessment is now available!   We've assessed the value and benefits the EcoCoLIFE project has had for people and the local economy, and we've found many significant effects.  These include positive impacts on people’s health and well-being, the incredible value that volunteers provide to the project, the role of the  project in stimulating local suppliers and

Ecocolife branded cups

The presentations from the final conference are now available ...

gathering of invertebrate experts

Last week (18,19 September 2018) saw a gathering of invertebrate experts and LIFE partners from across Europe getting together in Stirling to celebrate bugs. 

Person swinging on a tree

It's nearly Friday - when our excellent friends the Rowanbank theatre company will be performing circus theatre in the #Pianodrome at Edinburgh's Botanical gardens.  The #TreeCircus show is spectacular, of course, as are the wonderful


The EcoCoLIFE project is at an exciting stage at the moment, where we're starting to look at the project's socio-economic impacts - and we're very keen to get your input. 

Imaginary-Forests cover

During the last couple of months, Rowanbank Environmental Arts theatre company has been trapezing, acrobaticking and frolicking at shopping centre

Imaginary Forests show

Our good friends Rowanbank theatre company performed their innovative ‘circus whilst you shop’ show at Glasgow’s Silverburn shopping centre yesterday - to very enthusiastic shoppers!