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The presentations from the final conference are now available ...

Last week (18,19 September 2018) saw a gathering of invertebrate experts and LIFE partners from across Europe getting together in Stirling to celebrate bugs. 

It's nearly Friday - when our excellent friends the Rowanbank theatre company will be performing circus theatre in the #Pianodrome at Edinburgh's Botanical gardens.  The #TreeCircus show is spectacular, of course, as are the wonderful Botanics - though the Pianodrome it truly amazing.  It's 'the world's first amphitheatre made entirely from upcycled pianos', and it will be there for the whole o

The EcoCoLIFE project is at an exciting stage at the moment, where we're starting to look at the project's socio-economic impacts - and we're very keen to get your input. 

During the last couple of months, Rowanbank Environmental Arts theatre company has been trapezing, acrobaticking and frolicking at shopping centres across the Central Belt.  This weekend (23rd and 24th June) sees their final #ImaginaryForest shows at Edinburgh's Ocean Terminal.

Our good friends Rowanbank theatre company performed their innovative ‘circus whilst you shop’ show at Glasgow’s Silverburn shopping centre yesterday - to very enthusiastic shoppers!  See the amazing transformation of Granny Lichenleaf getting ready for the show...!   

This weekend sees the first of Rowanbank's amazingly inspirational EcoCoLIFE family theatre shows - in Glasgow's Silverburn shopping centre.

Interweaving music and storytelling, with trapezes, stilts and other circus-magic, they're performing an astonishing show for all - where nature comes alive in one of Scotland's busiest shopping centres.

Braehead Moss's new boardwalk was officially opened recently to great local acclaim by MSP and Large Heath butterfly Species Champion, Aileen Campbell.  Check out the video of the event here - it's #BogTastic !!

A BogTastic day was held at Braehead Moss recently when the new boardwalk was officially opened by MSP and Large Heath butterfly species champion Aileen Campbell! 

Despite the cold and wet, a large crowd of local people and volunteers proudly tramped the boards, and shared their enthusiasm for the many splendours of their local nature site.

Over the last few years, one of #EcoCoLIFE's prime peatland sites has been drying out.  This video shows what our partners Butterfly Conservation Scotland has been doing to restore Wester Moss near Stirling, and create the benefits for nature and people.